What if you were surrounded by angels every day!

I was doing a VIP day with an exceptionally talented woman and we were really getting down to the one thing and how to shift her out of working in her business and how to shift into working on her business.  As we got curious and dug deeper we uncovered some of the resistance that had been getting in her way and then together we laid out a powerful, doable plan based on just two pivotal actions that would clear the way for her to shift focus.
When we broke for lunch she asked for a Coke, this instantly alerted me to the fact that she had a headache as Coke is her proven antidote for her severe migraines.  After some confusion the server managed to find a regular Coke and we had a lovely lunch.  When the server returned checking on us we casually mentioned my clients headache.
The server cleared the dishes and then returned to refill our water.  She hovered timidly by the table and then in broken English asked permission to touch my clients hand.  My client consented and this angel of a server did acupressure on her head sending her into relief and ecstasy.
Through this beautiful experience I was reminded that there are angels all around us, every day!
So as you go about your day today, be on the look out for angels, they are all around you if you just open your eyes.