Business Evolution: What You Do Today Will Give You Tomorrow’s Results!

It was a fall day in Los Angeles and even though I was cozy working from home, I got dressed and  I swung over to the local office of the Small Business Association (SBA).  I had began building a relationship with the wonderful lady in charge of the program there and had even been invited to present a couple of times.  I wanted to continue to nurture the relationship by dropping by and offering up my expertise again.

When I asked for her by name at the desk, the lady behind the counter seemed uncomfortable, “she doesn’t work here anymore”.  Frank is in her position now, would you like to talk to Frank?

I was crushed.  I had spent over a year building that relationship and just like that it was gone.  “Sure” I squeaked out and took a seat to regroup and wait.  Just a few minutes later I was lead into Frank’s office.  He greeted me with a warm smile and a friendly handshake.  I presented myself and my business and shared the workshops I had done for CHARRO at the SBA in the past.

Frank looked thoughtful for a few minutes and then a light bulb went off in his head.  “Can you do something for the women on business once a month?”.    Without missing a beat I said a big YES.  We set a date and time and he was quite comfortable emailing out the details to the list and accommodating the group.

At the first meeting we had about 12 ladies, I set the agenda, over delivered and created a safe environment for them to vision, plan and share.  The next month most of them returned along with some new ladies.  Frank was over the moon that his women were being taken care of.  We charged a nominal fee which we split and each month he provided the space.

Almost 8 years later that group is still going!  Frank left, CHARRO closed that office, we moved and I added more courses.

That group “something for the women on business once a month” was the seed that blossomed into The Women’s Business Momentum Center.

Consistency really pays off!  There were months when only one person showed up  (shout out to Tambra, Thesy and Karen here) then other months  where it was standing room only.  The format has remained consistent, safe and inspiring.  The women have grown beyond any of our imaginations.  One woman even exceeded the multi-million dollar mark with her business this year.

And guess what?  She still comes to Monthly Momentum when she is in town, she still follows the WBMC strategizing process and creates an annual blueprint and a 90 Day Power Plan for her business every quarter in a VIP day with me.

The ACTION you are taking today will evolve into the business you create tomorrow.  However the VISION that stirs you up into ACTION is where it all begins.   Finally it’s important to know the universe is on your side!  When Janet’s gone and Frank shows up just presume that the best thing in the world and that you are in great hands”.

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