What Does Conscious Business Really Mean?

Get-It-Done Divas are looking to build and expand a business that they feel called to.

I created the WBMC to be a conscious business development center and community for women who are called to elevate their businesses and to reach more people.

Typically ladies arrive at the WBMC overwhelmed, frustrated and with no idea what to do next to best serve the growth of their business.  They are in business or moving into their business because they feel an internal call to action, a dissatisfaction with the way things are or, as Michael Gerber describes it in The E-Myth Revisited, an “entrepreneurial seizure.”  The stirring or call to action they felt, came with very little instruction and they feel like they are rapidly depleting their time, money and energy as they spin their wheels and feel like they are making little or no forward motion.

The very first thing I do with these Get-It-Done Divas in training is to anchor in their purpose and create a simple, easy to understand one page strategic plan. (I share this plan in the book: The Get it Done Diva’s Guide to Business) 

I am not satisfied until they have a plan that they feel ownership of. A great plan will inspire you to take consistent action just by looking at it.  Your next best action steps will be crystal clear to you and you will easily see the forward movement you are making.  When you feel overwhelmed, confused or off-track, you simply need to pull out your one page plan and remind yourself of your WHY, guiding principles, One Thing, big vision, tribe and goals to realign your actions with your purpose.

Just because you have a plan does not mean success is imminent!  The plan is the beginning, the foundation that you create as you awaken your Get-It-Done Diva.   The way you will build your tribe and extend your reach is by applying all three elements of the Success Equation (I will share this Get-It-Done Diva Power Tool with you in the Get it Done Diva’s Guide to Business Book).   Your plan anchors your passion and creates a blueprint of your vision in a way that you can easily share in a compelling way.

It’s easy to take consistent action when you know what to do and why you are doing it.   You will reach a level of professionalism, focus and will attract your tribe.  If you have worked on your mindset about money, your limiting beliefs and any fears around success, you will also see a significant shift in the financial freedom and rewards you allow yourself to receive.

As a Get-It-Done Diva at this elevated level, you will feel a purpose, a clear channel, be excited, inspired and feel that you are fulfilling your call to action and making an impact on the world in your unique way.  You will be a conscious business woman.