The Get it ...DONE FOR YOU Growth Acceleration Package

Our Most Powerful Training in over 10 years...The Growth Acceleration Program 1:1 Get it Done For You Package

The Growth Acceleration Program enables burnt out, overwhelmed women in business who have a great idea and vision to accelerate their growth and navigate beyond the massive GAP so that they can stand out as experts in their industry while they work less and lead more!

The Growth Acceleration Program will give you the blueprint and strategies to LEAP so that the GAP doesn’t slow you down accelerates your growth!

INCLUDED:  Get it Done For You Package to help you grow your business even faster, free up your time and create success with ease.  No need to struggle...we take care of it for you.

Grow Your List

Identify the pain points of your Ideal Clients and develop custom strategies that grow your list.

With the Done for You component of this program we make sure there is no room for procrastination and we move you through all the steps to create your relationship building machine.

Split Test & Track

Implementation without tracking results is like pouring money down the drain.

Instead of just randomly trying different ideas, strategies and headlines learn what and how to test and watch your results as you discover the best way to speak to your Ideal Clients.

10 Step by Step Modules

Learn the critical steps in the right order to move you from Idea and Visionary to Growth in your business.

Videos, templates and checklists make it easy for you to follow along so that you understand all the components of your business as we Get it Done for You!

The Growth Acceleration Program INCLUDES:

  • SIX 1:1 Coaching Calls (25 Minutes via phone) with Get it Done Diva, Marianne Emma Jeff ($1,782 Value)
  • THREE Group Training & Strategy Calls Recorded to replay anytime you want ($497 Value)
  •  DONE FOR YOU!   Everything you need to execute your Accelerated GROWTH Plan  (Over $8,000 Value)
  • TEN Module Growth Acceleration Program Phase 1 ($1,997 Value)

WBMC GROWTH Acceleration Program

Focused on Your Business Growth & Vision

  • Module 1: Your Person (Value Statement & Targeting Tools)
  • Module 2: Core Products
  • Module 3: Your Natural Platform
  • Module 4: Your Priority & Targets
  • Module 5: Your GROWTH MAP
  • Module 6: Your Opt-Ins
  • Module 7: Creating Awesome Headlines (The Content Matrix Tool)
  • Module 8: Your Email Sequencing MAP
  • Module 9: Traffic & Facebook Advertising
  • Module 10: Your Opt-In Page

...also INCLUDES:

  •  Basic WordPress Website Build OR Make-Over  5 pages designed to engage and deliver value to your Ideal Clients  OR a make-over of your current WordPress Website to upgrade it!  ($1,997 Value)
  •  SIX Facebook Ads Designed for you - ready for you to use!  Including copy, images and with targeting defined for you! ($997 Value)
  •  One Opt-In Page Designed for you including images and copy that resonates with your ideal clients pain points ($797 Value)
  •  Opt-In Done for YOU!  Together we will identify your prospects pain points and custom design a powerful Opt-In that they will be excited to sign up for!  PDF's are the most effective Opt-In so we will be focusing with you on this style. ($1,997 Value)
  •  Email Campaign containing up to 7 emails done for you to welcome and speak to your prospects where they are as you deliver your opt in with value and engagement ($1,497 Value)
  •  Blog Posts 3 custom written blog posts designed to move prospects into your Opt-In and to further engage your tribe and deliver value as you build relationships with your website visitors ($1,497 Value)

Get it DONE FOR YOU Growth Acceleration Package

INCLUDES Done for You Components + GAP 10 Module Program + 1:1 Business Coaching 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied within 14 days of your purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

The perfect combination to grow your business now and stop wasting time, money and effort.

This combination was designed specifically for women in business who are tired of the overwhelm.  Women who have fantastic ideas and want to implement them now, avoiding the common GAPS that keep them stuck. Let us help you become the leading expert in your industry by doing less work and being a strong leader.

Need help selecting which training program is best for you?  CONTACT US!   OR call:  (323) 222-7950

The Women's Business Momentum Center is a place for women in business to grow and expand their business's.  Over the last decade WBMC founder and Get it Done Diva, Marianne Emma Jeff has created a unique blueprint which hundreds of women have now followed to begin, expand and re-invent their business's.  

Where are you?  And more importantly... Where do you want to go?​

Schedule a Complimentary Business Consultation TODAY! 

Together we will see where you are on the MAP and create a custom plan to MOVE you and your business forward!

At the Women's Business Momentum Center we offer comprehensive packages designed to MOVE you as quickly and efficiently through our Business Success Blueprint as possible.  There are THREE key ingredients to our programs that really make them work well and you may be shocked to find out what they are!

  1. No Homework!  We have found that eliminating homework and long lists of action items for clients actually makes our clients MORE productive.  So say goodbye to guilt and overwhelm.​
  2. We DO IT TOGETHER!  During our 1:1  sessions we work on the process together with clients and this proves to ignite inspiration, ideas and productivity.
  3. We DO IT FOR YOU!  In many of our programs technology set up, marketing materials and writing copy for emails, websites and even scripts for you to use is INCLUDED and DONE FOR YOU!  There is no need for you to be held up by figuring things out yourself, finding and hiring other people to do it for you or even having to project manager.

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