Six Powerful Ways to Shift Into Receiving And Increase Your Bottom Line

  1. Appreciate what you have.
  2. Act as if… just like the Get-It-Done Divas do with their vision statements.
  3. Own what you have received what you desire right now.
  4. When you are planning your day, ask yourself what actions you can take to receive. Receiving might mean replying to an inquiry, billing a client, setting up a sales page or preparing welcome emails for a new program you are creating.
  5. Acknowledge how you are igniting your Get-It-Done Diva. Review some of the ideas we have covered already and notice how you are already stepping into them and using them. Take ownership of what you are creating and you will shift more into receiving mode.
  6. Oh… and stop asking! Surrender and trust that your order is in the system and move on to receiving.