I AM So Happy and Grateful

 It’s a warm night in the desert but not too hot.  The slight breeze ripples the notebooks and papers on the ladies’ laps as we all sit expectantly in a circle ready to receive magic.

“I am so happy and grateful…” each WBMC Get-It-Done Diva reads as she shares her vision statement for the quarter at the quarterly member only Get-It-Done Retreat.  These short powerful vision statements of declaration give us “sprinkles” and draw us into possibility.

Spoken in the present tense and foreshadowing what will be with commitment and lots of juicy details, the ladies have vision statements that are full to the brim with happiness and gratitude.  In my book The Get it Done Diva’s Guide to Business we explore the magic behind gratitude some more and how to tap into it to ignite your Get-It-Done Diva.

The vision statements are uncovered and laid out on paper based on the 10 Goals the Get-It-Done Divas have committed to with eager excitement, trepidation and courage over the last 24 hours.

Possibility fills the air which gets more electric as each Diva breathes her vision into existence with her tribe on the edge of their seats as an audience to her greatness.

We hear about financial goals exceeded and rewards aplenty, from Caribbean vacations to designer purses and decadent days at the spa that nurture the souls of these Get-It-Done Divas.  Full of juicy and rich details, like the squeals of joy after landing a new client, the Divas paint a vivid picture of their visions with their words.  Always beginning from happiness and gratitude, these statements come forth in all shades and colors, sometimes timidly others loudly and proudly.

Singing crystal bowls, playing in the background, bring even more magic to the moment as we shift gears burning away resistance, fear, doubts and release our deepest desires into the fire.

Slowly each of the Get-It-Done Divas slips quietly away with reverence from the group.  I linger on the edges soaking up the magic. There is so much magic and it all begins with happiness and gratitude.

Igniting Happiness and Gratitude

You have heard it before and maybe you have even done it; creating a gratitude list can invoke magic in your life and your business.

  • This week create a gratitude list or perhaps you might call it an appreciation list. Each week in my Weekly Momentum Podcast, which I will share with you in chapter 26, I begin with the exercise of writing down 10 things you are feeling gratitude or appreciation for in the last 7 days.  Try writing your list of 10 right now.
  • As you go to sleep, use the last few minutes of consciousness to acknowledge the things you have appreciated throughout the day.
  • Play around with creating a vision statement. Don’t worry too much about the format just start with “I am so happy and grateful that…” and see what presents itself on the page.  Remember to write it in the present tense as if it has already happened.

It gives me chills when I think of some of the vision statements from the WBMC Get-It-Done Divas.  Everything from new cars, doubling their income, landing a specific client, launching a new project successfully and amazing adventures have all manifested with ease and grace.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that you simply speak what you want and watch it materialize, although that can and has happened to me and some of the ladies.  However, beginning with happiness and gratitude will create fertile soil for your dreams and goals to grow strong roots and a deliver a bountiful harvest.

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