If You Make Plans Around WHO You Are Today You Might Be Keeping Yourself Stuck!

As I celebrate my 12 year wedding anniversary  I never, ever could have imagined the reality I have created for myself and my business over the last 12 years.  NEVER!  This is a really powerful realization that you can have too and if you do it may very well completely shift the way you plan, vision and set goals.
MAP Image 1As much as I am a strong believer in planning, goal setting and to-do’s I also understand the purpose of these tools and it is NOT what most people imagine it to be.  I see these tools as a way to create a sense of possibility, try on ideas and get myself and my team into Momentum.
If you use planning in this way it’s a lot more freeing, playful and creative and you may very well surprise yourself with some of the solutions and ideas you come up with.
I also use planning, vision and to-do’s to get feedback.  If I set a goal or priority and check in with it regularly then I get critical information back.  I learn what works for me and what doesn’t, what I want more of and what I want less or and what something in my head looks like whenI make it a reality.
All of that being said as I celebrate my 12 year wedding anniversary today I am reminded of the limitations of my imagination.  It’s very hard to imagine what you have not experienced in some way.
It would have been hard for me to imagine, plan and vision a life where I lived in the desert 12 years ago because that was not something I thought I wanted at the time.
12 years ago I don’t think I would have even thought or wanted to imagine a life without alcohol or gluten, lol.  It wasn’t on my radar to desire a business retreat center, an Amazon #1 Best Selling Book or a 9 year old daughter who makes breakfast for me and then cleans the juicer!
As we hit milestones it’s a nice reminder to look back and acknowledge how far we have come and also how different we are.  Our desires, tastes, ideas and goals change over time.
Change is the only constant in life, however if we focus on WHO we are it can deepen and support our growth into new adventures in a very powerful way.
So as you plan, vision and create to-do’s begin to add more of a sense of playfulness.  Try to imagine WHO you might be in 5, 10 or 20 years from now and open up to even more possibilities.
You can also feed your visioning skills by being more adventurous in your life and your business.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone a little, try to visit new communities, talk to new people, play with new products and services.
Because WHO you are planning to be in 12 years may very well be someone very different than WHO you are today!