Is Change Blocking You From Getting IT Done!

No matter how much we wish it were otherwise, change happens with flow and usually that flow is SLOW!  Like a fun house mirror our perspective can distort things so that it can look like no charge is happening or like everything has changed overnight.  More often than not the change is consistent and slow working under the surface until boom it blossoms, or blows up, depending on the direction we are heading in.

I am ruminating on change today because I see how this is a critical component to Getting IT Done.

“Wherever you go there you are”,  Jon Kabat-Zinn tells us and oh how much this is true for Diva’s in business.

As I watch the WBMC Diva’s blossom and stumble it’s usually change that is moving or obstructing them.

As we look around especially in the media, it’s easy to find examples of overnight change, success and movement.  However the real story, which is not as exciting is that most if not all of these changes were slow and consistent.  Because of the hype of instant change it can be easy to feel “less than”.  We compare our business, new product, launch or book to that of someone else and all we see is there instant success.  If we really looked behind the scenes we would see the immense effort, time and most importantly consistent action that led to that success or change.

Even on the flip side of change it’s consistent action that leads to ill health, bankruptcy, failed relationships and changes in our appearance, most of the time.

To go back to Jo Kabat-Zinn’s quote, “wherever you go there you are”.

If change is powered by consistency that the question becomes how do  I become consistent?

As a business owner you bring all your strengths and weaknesses along for the ride.  Our strengths power up our ability to be consistent and to stay focused and in momentum.  Our weaknesses are those destructive habits, thoughts and actions that get in the way of our consistency.

One of the most powerful tools to stay consistent is community.  Community shares your journey, community holds you accountable, gives support and leads the way through example to keep you in momentum.

To keep you consistent in between your community infusions you will need a plan.  A simple, clear, single focused plan that embodies WHO you are and WHAT you and your business are moving towards.  Ideally you should look at this plan daily, share it with your accountability partners and use it as a compass for your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals.

Lastly, when you bring these elements together – community and a plan – you create a mastermind.  A community can share your vision, bring you resources, brainstorm with clarity and purpose and remind you what your plan is when you forget, which we undoubtedly do from time to time.

At the core of the WBMC are these three elements.  Our Strong Start Program provides you with a Powerful One Page Strategic Plan, the amazing ladies of the WBMC create the community and like a conductor I keep you consistent with your plan and bring you back to the rhythm and the beat of consistency.

If you are frustrated with your progress, want to break through to a higher level of success or have had enough of inconsistency and spinning in circles getting nowhere then take two powerful actions right now:

1.  Create a plan for the next 90 days (to start with) – your plan should be single focused, measurable and in line with your vision of where, how and why you are in business.

2. Find your community – a community that inspires you, fills you up after you leave, supports you and gives you perspective and accountability.

Now I know these two steps are not necessarily easy, however I also know that if you really want change you will move towards them.

Change is the only consistent in life, the Buddha tells us.

We can spiral up or spiral down.  Most likely we will go up and down on the roller-coaster of life and business.  A plan will ease the bumps and allow you to see where you went off the rails, it will enlighten the way for you.  Although you will not always achieve everything on your plan, simply having one in black and white will reflect back to you what is working, what is not working and perhaps even why.