Owning Your Inner GID Diva

Back in 2010 I wanted an iPhone and my cell phone carrier didn’t carry iPhones at the time, so I conned myself into thinking that the new HTC was not just comparable but actually superior to the iPhone. The sales agent on the phone heightened the mirage by congratulating me enviously as I excitedly pre-ordered one of the last HTCs available. She told me how lucky I was and I believed her. To be truthful, I think she believed it too, at least it seemed that way.

My mum was on the phone from England when the doorbell rang, “woof woof.” (I hated the electronic, tinny sound of our old doorbell and had demanded a new doorbell. My husband Kirk purchased a doorbell with 64 different rings including Happy Birthday and Happy Christmas to appease me.) My expectations were, as always, high and in this case the deliverable was low! I settled on a dog bark, “woof “woof.”  This was ironic because our British Bulldog Mulli was deaf and never barked at the door because he couldn’t hear it.

I asked my mum to wait knowing it was my new HTC phone arriving at the door. Giddy with excitement, I opened the door, thanked the UPS delivery guy signing his plastic clipboard with my usual indistinguishable scribble. Once back inside I put on my headset giving my mum a blow by blow and sharing oohs and ahhs with her as I ripped open the packaging and then carefully slid open the beautiful smooth, black box. My mum practically purred with delight knowing I was happy. For years her tagline to me had been “as long as you are happy.” In this moment, I was sharing pure ecstasy with her and I could tell she was overjoyed. She lovingly poked me about my love affair with technology and I felt a wonderful connection as we shared this moment of heightened emotion.

The bubble burst as I excitedly shared the screen of the phone with my best friend and confidante Jessica that same evening. It was after 8 pm and we both perched on the couch next to each other huddled over the small screen. I tapped the touch screen exclaiming how wonderful it was and all the time spilling over with all the things it could do and how it was just like an iPhone. On the second tap it paused a few seconds too long. It moved clumsily and slowly and she began to rally excitedly for me sensing the disappointment. We had been comparing the HTC with her iPhone and for the first time I was experiencing the magic of the iPhone. It suddenly seemed crazy that I could think one thing was just like another that I had never even held before! As I saw the flexibility and speed of her iPhone, I felt buyer’s remorse set in. In retrospect, it seems absurd—like comparing rocks to caviar—but Jessica held my excitement for me still even with the knowledge she had. This small, seemingly trivial incident speaks volumes.

The people I look up to and admire the most in my life are the people who hold my truth even when my truth seems to be a huge contradiction to their own. What a powerful thing this is to do for someone. To not point out their flaws or that they were wrong, but instead to hold the space of what they believe to be their truth. To hold this space for someone else is such a gift. To not to need to be right. To just be. My husband does this repeatedly. Like Yoda, he sits with me as I stumble, sometimes literally on to my face. Just being there for me. Never telling me what to do; instead opening up one day at a time and in doing so taking the pressure away from the choices I make. Making room for me to change my mind or direction without guilt or shame.

These truth holders in our lives allow us to be vulnerable. They allow us to be great. They allow us to be wrong. They allow us to be WHO we are and to blossom into Get-It-Done Divas. We make all the mistakes we need to make until one day like Edison we can light up our bulb.

For me, these beautiful people in our lives also embody the spirit of a Get-It-Done Diva.  We become the sum total of the people we hang out with the most.  As you nurture your inner Get-It-Done Diva, know that I am rooting for you, holding space for your truth and gushing with pride and joy as you take each small step forward and several steps back on this heroine’s journey.

My “Why,” which I will talk more about in chapter 29, is to create the space for women in business to thrive.  I want you to stand out as the leader and expert you are and this Get-It-Done Diva’s Guide to Business is my way of creating that space for you right now.

Whether you move through the pages of this website in order,  or dip into  sections that call out to you, this site will feed your Get-It-Done Diva so she can be a lighthouse and a messenger and live on purpose with joy, love and truth.