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Just in case you want to Get Your Diva on while you are waiting.... check out my book below!

This Guide Includes:
- Top 10 Characteristics of a Get-it-Done Diva
- Six Essential Agreements in Business
- Creating Your One Page Strategic Plan
- Eight Building Blocks of Business
- Your Fab Five Super Heroines in Business
- The Breakthrough Cycle of the Get-it-Done Diva
- How to Live your Ideal Schedule
- Business Power Tools to Fire Up Your Results
- Fear Busting and Confidence Boosting Strategies that Let Your Get-it-Done Diva Take Center Stage
- Tips to Stand out from your competition as a Leader and an Expert

7 Reasons NOT to Buy This Book
- you already have a blueprint for your business,
- you know your WHY, and can clearly articulate it
- you have strong goals and vision for your business and are consistently both meeting and exceeding them
- you are empowered with your time and find it easy to prioritize and stick to your schedule
- you have more than enough clients
- your business is more of a hobby for you
- you have a tribe of people who are raving fans

Jessica StaffordBottomline Accounting

I enjoy Marianne's tenacity, authenticity and investment she pours into her community and those just "passing by" for the first time. It is clear through this book that she draws her knowledge from deep experience she has developed by building her own business while helping others get things done. This book is a mix of mindset, tools, encouragement, and nuggets of valuable wisdom. This book is well worth the read no matter the stage you are in when it comes to your business or even prepping you for what you should pay attention to if considering a business venture of your own. You won't regret Marianne's mentoring and company. Do yourself a favor and get this book bought! #getitdonediva 🙂

Karen SmithOwner at Finding Purpose

Amazing book, just what I needed and got me very motivated. Its very simply written and I read the whole thing then went back and took notes and my action steps, I was feeling kind of stuck before now, Im steaming along. Thank you and I highly recommend.

Dina Proctor1 Best Selling Author of Madly Chasing Peace

Marianne's journey to success is so inspiring and in this book she not only shares bits of her own journey but concrete, practical steps and methods that entrepreneurs can implement to get themselves on their own roads to success. Wonderful resource!

Ava HerreraEntrepreneur and Designer

Marianne always provides solid, well-researched and thoughtful information that has helped me reach both personal and professional goals. Highly recommend anything she does.